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Hi Friends!


I’m Laurel, an author, an award-winning filmmaker, and surf trip guru. Besides surfing as much as possible, I’ve just completed my first novel Foam, a surf adventure with a female protagonist. Filling a missing genre of women’s fiction, Foam takes you the reader on a wild ride of waves, freediving through underwater caves, and a race against time to find an ancient treasure. This exciting thriller is coming to a bookstore near you in 2022. 

 Most recently my hubby and I have restored a Caribbean home in Rincon, Puerto Rico, where you can be whisked away on a tropical adventure.  

I reside in Wilmington, NC with my sweet, hot molten lava husband, Don and together we surf life’s waves with love and enthusiasm. I believe there are no waves too small or friends too eager to surf.

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What is Post Session Podcast?

A bi-weekly ocean lifestyle podcast filled with the stoke of a surf session and the wise guidance of an ocean voyager.



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At Coral Casa Retreats we are all about Adventure, Rest and Exploration. Whether you’re coming to Surf or to Write you’ll get so much more! 

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