Waxshoe Wahines

It’s a comedic series that flips the script on typical surfers, these Wahine Detectives are four diverse, courageous young women who combat crime at their beach, while banging down the doors of injustice that stand in their way.


They surf, they skate, and use their unique gifts to solve the mysteries that threaten Sweetwater Beach. 

Unwittingly thrown into a caper that threatens to destroy surfing at their home break, four female shredders must work through their irreconcilable differences to bring an evil villain to justice and save the sessions. 

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This comedy begins with a super-secret surf spot, an endless bag of tricks, and four chicks up for some crowdless swell. When a freak storm loosens the boat’s anchor and the girls are left stranded, they stumble upon a high-profile surf wax smuggling scandal with Mayor Smythe at the helm.  

With only the resources in their bottomless backpack, their superior wave shredding skills, and a healthy dose of chutzpah, the girl scout, hippie girl, mean girl, and nervous newbie must band together and become the mystery solving sleuths they were always meant to be. This funny, female powered adventure lands somewhere between Charlie’s Angels meets Outer Banks… with some tasty Scooby snacks thrown in for good measure.


Laurel Senick, a writer and filmmaker, developed the premise for this comedic series during a stellar surf session at a not-so-secret surf spot. 

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Frankie: Every motley crew needs a girl scout like Frankie, a Latin American surfing prodigy. Her endless bag of tricks and safety conscious proclivities keep her at the helm with everything the crew needs. Whether it’s a tourniquet, AED Defibrillator, or night vision goggles, Frankie’s artillery of safety equipment may just save the day and the waves.

Grom: Davina-Lee Rothsburger, Grom, is the female version of Spicoli. She loves waves like she loves pizza all the time. Her voracious appetite for food and waves keeps her hungry for any escapade that involves either.

Lala: Lala eats from a silver spoon. This privileged primadonna shreds waves and her friends’ self-esteem. Echoing an attitude from “Mean Girls”, Lala never hesitates to throw spray or throw shade.

Jazz: New to surfing, Jazz an African American surfer and Lala’s sidekick, rides through life like she does the waves, cautiously. After all, she is just learning. Thankfully she’s always on the lookout for trouble… even when it’s not there.

The Characters



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