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A Surf Adventure Novel

Her life in shambles, family estranged, and faith forgotten, Cassandra Lee, an out-of-work journalist, runs to Rincon where her dreams were supposed to come true.

Attempting to get her life and career back, Cass begins research on a local free diver’s death but instead uncovers a drug ring and kidnapping plot. With trouble on her heels (if you could call flip-flops heels), she realizes this sleepy surf town has more spines than a sea urchin. 


Private Event-Mermaid Surf Club Movie Night

Surf Movie Night

Movie Night includes drink and light appetizers

What: Movie Ticket

Price: 10.00 donation

When: Coming Soon

Where: Laurel’s Back Porch



Any Given Morning

Surf Film

Any Given Morning is not your average surf flick. Instead of following individual surfers competing for wave after wave, this film is about an eclectic community of surfers who appreciate life and one another. Most of all, it’s about surfing with your friends and enjoying all that’s been given, on Any Given Morning.

“Something you will watch over and over”

Great Movie! If you love surfing and surf movies, then this is a must for your movie quiver. Something you will watch over and over. Great to share with your friends and family also.

– Mitchell J. Smith

“I’m inspired”

“Makes me really want to surf! Really peaceful, contemplative discussion by some experienced surfers on the effects and benefits of surfing. I’m inspired. Also does a nice job of showing how getting out on the water can positively affect the human spirit.

– Phil Engleman 

Any Given Morning is one of my favorite movies.”

Any Given Morning is one of my favorite movies. I’m not referring to only surf movies, but all moviesAs a surfer, I enjoy watching surfing movies, but off the lips, aerials and the like gets old after a while and frankly there just isn’t much substance to them. This movie, although it doesn’t star professional surfers, finds a way to tell a story of normal people finding purpose, developing relationships and creating a lifestyle around the ocean and sport of surfing, that is invigorating and inspiring. The movie does a great job of showing the many different faces of the ocean and nature across the span of several seasons. It beautifully shows how a spiritual connection is developed by those that spend time in the ocean as being part of somethingthat is awe inspiring. The simplest way I could describe it would be after watching with my wife, she said, “Now I get why this(surfing) means so much to you.” It is definitely a movie to watch.

– Charles Williams

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